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What is Patterned Air Recordings?

early electronics | old techno | classroom composition | sleep music | general eeriness | weird things

We are a record label interested in weird things. We like analogue synths, reel-to-reel machines, Radiophonics, music for schools, music for falling to sleep by, early electronic experiments, folkloric eeriness, seances, electronic voice phenomenon, old techno, deteriorated music — in a nutshell, soundtracks to get us off this mundane plain and into an elevated, if creaky, state of euphoria.


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Latest Releases

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Record Bag - System Drill Vol 1 rectangular with insertWe’re super excited to announce the release of our very first 12″ vinyl! It’s a two track single by Veil called ‘System Drills Volume 1’ which was released on Test Conditions nearly a decade ago and we like to describe it as furthest-reaches, writhing, broken, echoing bass music for a generation who used to haunt the outdoors of an evening. It includes a four track digi EP download with two previously unheard tracks and they are all belting!


We’ve re-packaged it in a heavyweight poly sleeve with a handmade leather tie and hand-stamped textured card insert.


It’s the sound of vaporous dubstep, drums and percussion and wiry analogue synths clattering and seething in the fog of a midnight playground.


Awesome acid artwork by Daniel Andersson-Boe.


You can listen and purchase here.

Reviews of Eat the World
Mixmag 204 May 2008
“Complex Experimentation. Another outsider exploring new avenues for dubstep away from the standard dancefloor wobbler, Veil is normally part of electronic indie experimenters Magnétophone — but on his solo debut winds round the dubstep template with buzzing synth melody lines and complex structures. ‘Park Mist’, with militant drums and haunting vocal snatches, is particularly powerful, and adventurous. DJs should check this.”


Joe Muggs, The Wire 296 Oct 2008
“There’s nothing like a complete outsider to turn the conventions of a genre inside out, and Matthew J Saunders of 4AD’s motorik shoegaze pop explorers Magnétophone has done just that with his incursions into dubstep as Veil. Marshalling analogue synths and reverbs, Saunders brings whimsical Radiophonic melodies (on ‘Eat The World’) and an ever so slightly ramshackle, played-live sensibility, as if (Hot Chip were jamming with Jaki Liebezeit (on ‘Park Mist’) into play. Thankfully, though, there’s none of the indie tweeness that could come with these approaches. Instead, Saunders has taken on board dubstep’s sound system sense of physical scale, and in so doing made his components strange, threatening and fantastical — and, by forgetting DJ-friendly orthodoxy and adding musicianly touches, opening up rich new avenues of exploration of chord patterns and long form melodic routes through dubstep’s architecture.”


Record Bag - System Drill Vol 1 Reverse


Our head engineer Matt Saunders has created a mix of tracks for The WIRE Magazine that inspired and continue to inspire our label. You can hear the full hour and eight minutes here: The WIRE Patterned Air Recordings Mix


Desmond Leslie
“Gathering Of The Elders”
Rob Hubbard “Theme From Thrust (Soundhog Remix)”
Steve Reich “Pendulum Music”
Roy Of The Ravers “Emotinium”
Delia Derbyshire & Barry Bermange “Running”
Aphex Twin “On (D-scape Mix)”
Kreidler “New Earth”
Goblin “Connexion”
Piano Magic “For Engineers”
Dopplereffekt “Higgs-Mechanism”
Sauveur Mallia “Synthetic Neutron”
Lalo Schifrin “The Hologram”
Daphne Oram “Power Tools”
Photek “The Hidden Camera”
Delia Derbyshire & Barry Bermange “Falling”
Raymond Scott “Cindy Electronium”
Assembled Minds “Crying On A Sheet of Acid”
Jóhann Jóhannsson “Part 1 — IBM 1401 Processing Unit”
Deaf Center “Eloy”
Paul Bonneau “Preambule No 36”
Mu-Ziq “Old Fun #1”
Delia Derbyshire “Blue Veils And Golden Sands”

10 Feb 2017

Lo Five - When It's Time To Let GoWe’re super excited to announce our next release will be by Liverpudlian electronic artist ‘Lo Five’. ‘When It’s Time To Let Go’ is Lo Five’s first full album and we’re very proud to be releasing it on 14th April 2017.


You can pre-order it here:

Norman Records



…and hear an album sampler here.


11 Nov 2016

We’re very proud and positively ecstatic to release two brilliant albums today. CukoO‘s ‘Woodland Walk’ is an analogue electronics and 1970’s classroom instrument field trip through a woodland wonderland. Whilst RunningOnAir‘s eponymous ‘Running On Air’ is a detailed and taut 1990’s techno album that is shot through with lingering post-Cold-War-paranoia. Classic albums in the making.

CukoO Woodland Walk


02 Mar 2016

Assembled Minds has made an hour long mix of techno tracks for Self-Titled Magazine. The tracks were all in some way influential in the writing of Creaking Haze and include Orange Lemon, Ultraviolet, Sweet Exorcist, Sonz of a Loop da Loop Era and loads more. Check it out here: Self-Titled Mag Assembled Minds Mix



28 Jan 2016

Legendarily awesome journalist Simon Reynolds has given Assembled Minds’ Creaking Haze a thorough and brilliant review. You can read it here: Simon Reynolds Reviews Assembled Minds


Simon Reynolds Reviews Assembled Mind

15 Feb 2016

GHOST BOX LOGO ASSEMBLED MINDSAssembled Minds is stoked to announce Ghost Box are now stocking ‘Creaking Haze’ in their guest shop. We couldn’t be happier.


It’s available here: Assembled Minds at Ghost Box


“The Assembled Minds is the work of Matt Saunders, formerly one half of Magnétophone (4AD). It’s a brilliant distillation of lost nights out and the ghosts of dead raves. Like the sounds in your head the day after, when you’re vainly attempting to sleep, but the rhythm won’t stop. Brilliant misremembered rave flashbacks.”

-Jim Jupp, Ghost Box Records

25 Jan 2016

ASSEMBLED MINDS CREAKING HAZE 1 SQR‘Creaking Haze and Other Rave-Ghosts’ is out now. Cds available in store at Norman Records, Patterned Air’s Bandcamp, Rough Trade, Juno, Atom Heart, and as download at iTunes, Amazon, Beatport, Boomkat and others.


It’s selling quick, don’t hang around.

11 Nov 2015

CREAKING HAZE CD FRONT LARGE BLUEAssembled Minds’ second album, and our first, ‘Creaking Haze and Other Rave-Ghosts’, will be released on 25th January 2016.


It’ll be packaged in a 400gsm custom poly-sleeve tied with a strip of leather, full colour U-card insert with double-sided printed card wallet, a fold-out 405mm x 99mm artwork, a hand printed rave-cult myth-symbol in silver on black card, and a symbol-printed tracing paper square.


Shimmering Morris-techno-rave for anyone whoever daydreamed of dancing through the dark, frightening night in a mysterious hazy elsewhere.

Pre-order at Norman Records here.