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Lo Five — Neil Grant
Lo Five is multi-instrumentalist Neil Grant, born in Liverpool and now living in the wilds of coastal Hoylake on the Wirral Peninsula. He regularly performs live and each month curates his event ‘Emotion Wave’, a platform for performing electronic artists.


When It’s Time To Let Go
…memoradelic flashbacks…glinting chord-chimes and gauzy keyboards teleport me to the middle 80s. Another fine addition to the Patterned Air discography, and an unusual listen.Simon Reynolds, The WIRE
Like an old classic you’ve never heard, or a fuzzy memory of something beautiful and enigmatic that you vaguely remember dreaming about, this striking debut will catch you in an enveloping moment you’ll never want to leave.

Lo_Five, aka multi-instrumentalist Merseysider Neil Grant, conjures simultaneously familiar and unique sonic visions right the way through this striking long-form debut. It’s a kind of rave-reverie made real; the cumulative sum of past experiences, both physical and audiological, condensed into an opaque, hauntingly meditative trip down an imagined lane where the second summer of love’s golden vibes reside, aged but untarnished.

Vintage synths and drum machines and a recurring meditation bell summon early Orbital. Remarkable.Carl Griffin, Electronic Sound Mag

Some albums leave you rooted amongst your sorry 21st century societal surroundings, others take you away to an alien postmodern environment; When It’s Time To Let Go often does the latter. The sprawling and ocean-deep electronic landscapes of one-man-wonder Lo Five are as hazed as they are beautiful.Norman Records
‘Interdependants’…is a delightfully demurring slice of rustic wooziness that affectionately twinkles amid the silken arrest of dreamy symphonia, bowed orchestrations and the subtle caressing noir crushed ghosting of oriental motifs.Mark Barton, The Sunday Experience


‘I’d Like To Be’ — 12/04/2017
—Gideon Coe, BBC 6Music

‘I’d Like To Be’ — 30/03/2017
—Gideon Coe, BBC 6Music

‘Leave You Alone’ — 27/03/2017
—Gideon Coe, BBC 6Music

‘Sabre Contusion’ — 28/01/2017 & 10/12/2016
—Dave Monks, BBC Introducing Merseyside


10 Feb 2017

Lo Five’s beautiful electronic album ‘When It’s Time To Let Go’ will be released on Patterned Air Recordings on 14th April 2017.

Special limited edition CDr in 400gsm custom poly-sleeve tied with leather, full colour U-card insert, double-sided card wallet, fold-out artwork, a hand ink-stamped card and a printed tracing paper square. Edition of 200 copies (AIR004)

Assembled Minds 'Creaking Haze and Other Rave-Ghosts' album


Lo Five’s first full album will be released on 14th April 2017 on Patterned Air.

You can purchase it here:

Norman Records

Deep landscape electronics.

“It’s like meditation bells. The sound rings out for ages until it’s silent, but it’s difficult to know exactly the moment it ends. The point being that you sort of become the empty silent space.” —Lo Five

‘When It’s Time To Let Go’ is an album of wild spaces and intimate rooms. It’s the movement from one place to another both in terms of landscape and state of mind—from one internal place to another via meditation. It’s built on a bedrock of field recordings, roomtones and the ceaseless noise of landscape—the sound of Lo Five’s coastal backyard in the morning, the interior reverberance of a barn in the Cumbrian lakes during an electric storm, the sound of marine pile-drivers planting turbines in the Irish Sea, bodiless voices ghosting on the fells, the whirr and crunch of real instruments and toys in the playroom.

There’s a haze across the album, a volumetric mist and light, deep fogs cut with flickering sunlight. Like glimpsing through the fuzz of a confused thought, the possibility of something lucid forming later. And there are other themes too: the deliciously macabre thought process of imagined loss—mourning the absence of friends and family not yet gone­. Attempts to give our ephemeral lives permanence through photography, videos and audio recordings, whilst simultaneously suspecting it’s all immaterial in the end. The ultimate, inevitable letting go of our human clutter—relationships, shared memories, experiences, material things—everything we’ve gathered to convince ourselves that we were in fact, ‘here’, will fall away given time. And it’s this play between the fleeting, transient nature of our experience, and the invocation of vast physical, weather-torn spaces or tiny rooms in homes filled with important things, that give this album its inner life, its irregular pulse.

Instrumentation-wise, the album is built from grainy, crackling synths, chiming mallets, broken pianos, kids’ drums, rattling percussion and the occasional ghoulish voice. It sounds like it’s been filtered through recurring dreams of announcement tannoys and summer rain-showers in the most perfectly remote holiday park.

‘When It’s Time To Let Go’ is suffused with the traces of people and places humming with life, or emptied of everything. A beautiful soundtrack to human lives caught up in the passing of time, the passing of people and things, and more slowly, the passing of place.


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