Running On Air — Joe Evans
Joe Evans is a multi-disciplined musician dividing his time between tightly formulated experimental found-sound manipulation, microtonal composition, and frequency-ratio composition as ‘Joe Evans’; and genre-clashing techno as ‘RunningOnAir’. He previously ran his own label called ‘RunningOnAir Music’. He continues to record and perform live and recently began a new collaborative series of events in Winchester called ‘Fold’.


Running On Air
A brooding early UK techno/ambient d&b hybrid, it’s bursting with pre-millenial angst and Vangelis-influenced futurescapes. The computerised voice samples and eerie sci-fi paranoia of tracks like ‘We’ and ‘I Am More Than A Machine’ take you right back. Others though, most notably the tense, dystopian ‘An Ongoing Situation’, sound fresh as tomorrow; albeit one which wakes to fear collapsing moral authority and social anarchy. As a brand-new release, it might make your end-of-year list.Carl Griffin, Electronic Sound Magazine
“A late breaking gem from RunningOnAir. Exquisitely packaged.”

Included the album in his top 20 of 2016 albums.
Included the track “More Than Machine” in his top 20 tunes of 2016.Simon Reynolds — Blissblog / Energy Flash

‘Running On Air’ comprises collected recordings made in the mid-1990s by British producer Joe Evans, whose work these days tends towards ambient and mathematically inspired modern composition. With the freedom of the bedroom producer, the tracks are infused with a sense that possibility expands alongside paranoia. The acid bassline, needling Morse code tones and reverb-soaked drum crashes of ‘In Search Of The W’ angle for a TV thriller contract.
There’s plenty here for listeners wistful for the days when The Black Dog and Future Sound Of London could suggest cyberscapes of neurons uploading to the world wide web with the twinkle of a digital bell chime.Abi Bliss, The Wire
A beautifully amorphous set and one for the Ghost Box completists, ‘Running On Air’ swims in familiar terrains, a head phonic delight, the symphonies streamlined and seamless hint of a nostalgic future facing wonder and while it does offer a glimpse of a past peering into the future, its structuring, vibe and texturing is indelibly moored to its 90’s surroundings culturing a less rash, less overtly pop specific, more nocturnally murmured shadowland of techno’s infant spirit. RunningOnAir at the dawn of the internet’s first flowering of music file sharing in the 90’s, ghost light from an age not so distant.Mark Barton, The Sunday Experience


In Heaven’ — 25/10/16. Gideon Coe, BBC 6Music

In Search of the W’ — 25/11/16. Electronic Therapy, Radio Mercure, France


20 Oct 2016

RunningOnAir’s eponymous album written in the 1990s is available for pre-order today. You can order it on our Bandcamp or at Norman Records.

The packaging is beautiful and weird, just as we like it.

Assembled Minds 'Creaking Haze and Other Rave-Ghosts' album


‘Running On Air’ the album, was written in the 1990s by Joe Evans in his cable-strewn midi-bunker (at various times located in Glasgow, Northampton and London) using glowing hardware audio devices and a Mac Classic to rouse and rally them. It was born during a period when the internet had become accessible and useful to many; information was being shared, picked-over and proliferated by the masses like never before. It was also a time when the music industry first got a glimpse of its demise amidst blazing creativity and genre-fracturing musical discourse on forums, online radio stations, pirate radio stations and clubs — and the killer, file sharing.

This album is a unique document of the times and exists as an amalgamation of themes and situations, rather than of genre or musical language. Civil unrest, insidious state surveillance, the searing blaze of toddling microchip technology,
lingering post-Cold War paranoia, the abandonment of the natural world, machines with ambition, humans honing their steel-cold egotism, beautiful relationships in a world championing the moody lone ranger — all these themes lie down together, forming the timeless strata of ‘Running On Air’.


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